• We are a team taking the initiative to encourage you to celebrate life and make you feel special with moments you will cherish forever – all it takes is a few happy faces and a cake.
  • We at Cakeology will provide you with an experience that make memories real.
Our initiative is to encourage you to celebrate life and make people feel special for moments they will cherish all their lives.  Because all it takes to make that happen is a few happy faces and a cake. And that adds us to your celebrations…
We at Cakeology can provide you with an experience to make memories real
Why do we have celebrations?
What makes a celebration complete?
Why do we need a cake to celebrate?
Significance of a cake:
What would life be with no celebrations? It would take away the only happy moment that bring communities, families and friends together. The idea of cakes originated 800 years ago.
Would we consider our lives devoid of celebrations? Certainly not! Celebrations are not just gatherings, they are feeling grounds in which memories blossom. What makes a celebration complete? History proves that cakes were baked to enjoy occasions. However today’s fast paced lives, we are constantly on the push of the button, in the click of a key or the snap of a finger to have a cake right at our doorstep..